• Master Digital Marketing Executive Course | 144 Hours

  • Ημερομηνία & Ώρα Διεξαγωγής: 03/06/2019 17:30
  • Διεύθυνση Διεξαγωγής: Λεωφ. Ελ. Βενιζέλου 104, Καλλιθέα 176 76, Ελλάδα
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  • Κόστος: €950
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    Total Cost 144 Hours
    € 950 | Early Bird till 15 May 2019
    € 850 by Credit or Debit/Prepaid Card
    € 1.600 | Booking
    € 700 KEAK Member’s

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    Master Digital Marketing Executive Course
    Summer Digi Camps
    144 Hours
    Every: Monday-Tuesday & Wednesday (17:30-21:30)
    Start: 03 June 2019
    Course Language: Greek

    Course Description

    Digital marketing is an exciting area of marketing practice. In this course, we will cover the what, why, and how of major current approaches, including search engine optimization, website analytics, search and display ads, email marketing, social media, and online listening/monitoring.

    Three key messages are woven into the coverage of those tactics. 
    First, you should establish habits for keeping up to date on emerging digital technologies relevant to business and to marketing. 
    Second, you should tie the use of digital marketing activities to business objectives. 
    Third, you should identify data sources that allow you to track performance for your digital marketing activities.

    The course is designed to get you to think like a digital marketing professional, and to give you experience with industry-relevant hands-on assignments and exercises. Central to the hands-on orientation of the course is a client project. You will work in a small group with a local company for their digital marketing efforts.

    Who Can Join
    Business Owners who want to attract more customers online and really want to learn Practical Strategies right from Email Marketing to Advance PPC Marketing to grow their business.

    If you are a Marketing Employee, I.T person, social media marketer, website or Graphic Designer, you can join this advance course & complement your skills with Digital Marketing.

    If you are a Student or a Job Seeker, here comes a great opportunity to excel in the field of Digital Marketing. Start a Job or start your own Online Business.

    Course Modules:

    -Digital Marketing Fundamentals
    -Website Planning and Structure
    -Facebook Marketing for Business
    -Google Adwords and PPC Advertising
    -YouTube and Video Marketing
    -E-mail Marketing for Business
    -Lead Generation & Marketing Automation
    -eCommerce and Payment Gateway
    -Remarketing Strategies – Advanced Level
    -LinkedIn and Twitter Marketing
    -Google Analytics and Webmaster Tool
    -Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    -Affiliate Marketing & Google AdSense
    -Case Studies and Practical Assignments
    -Study Week & Final Examination

    Module 1:
    Digital Marketing Fundamentals
    Section 01: Marketing v/s Sales
    Section 02: Marketing Mix and 4 Ps
    Section 03: What is Digital Marketing
    Section 04: Inbound vs Outbound Marketing
    Section 05: Content Marketing
    Section 06: Understanding Traffic
    Section 07: Understanding Leads
    Section 08: Strategic Flow for Marketing Activities

    Module 2: Website Planning and Structure
    WWW Domains
    Buying a Domain Website
    Language & Technology
    Core Objective of Website and Flow
    One Page Website
    Strategic Design of Home Page
    Strategic Design of Products & Services Page
    Strategic Design of Pricing Page Portfolio, Gallery and Contact Us Page
    Call to Action (Real Engagement Happens)
    Designing Other Pages
    SEO Overview
    Google Analytics Tracking Code
    Website Auditing
    Designing a WordPress Website

    Module 3: Level – 1 Facebook Marketing Fundamentals
    Profiles and Pages
    Business Categories
    Creating Facebook Pages
    Page Info and Settings
    Facebook Page Custom URL
    Invite Page Likes
    Featured Video Pin Post and Highlights
    Insights Reports
    Competitor’s Facebook Page Ban

    Module 3: Level – 2 Facebook Ad Campaigns
    Organic v/s Paid
    Defining Ad Objective
    Performance Matrix Ad
    Components Designing
    Creative Image
    Facebook Ad Structure
    Setting Up a Facebook Ad Account
    Create Ad – Targeting Create Ad – Budgeting Create Ad – Creative Content and CTA Boosting Page
    Posts Page Promotion
    Video Promotion

    Module 3: Level – 3 Facebook Advance Strategies
    Facebook Business Manager
    People, Pages, and Roles
    Case Studies Practical Examples

    Module 4: Level – 1 Google Adwords
    Basics Understanding Adwords
    Google Ad Types
    Pricing Models
    PPC Cost Formula
    Ad Page Rank Billing and Payments
    Adwords User Interface
    Keyword Planning
    Keywords Control
    Practical Examples

    Module 4: Level – 2 Google Adwords Intermediate
    Other Measuring Tools
    Bidding Strategy on Location
    Bidding Strategy on Schedule
    Bidding Strategy on Devices
    Conversion Tracking

    Module 4: Level – 3 Google Adwords Advanced Level
    Remarketing Strategies
    Remarketing Rules
    Remarketing Tracking
    Code Linking
    Google Analytics
    Designing Remarketing
    Images Shared Budget

    Module 5: Level – 1 YouTube Marketing Fundamentals
    Video Flow
    Google Pages for YouTube Channel
    Verify Channel Webmaster Tool

    Module 5: Level – 2 YouTube Marketing Advance
    Channel Navigation
    Managing Comments
    Managing Messages
    Real-Time Analytics

    Module 5: Level – 3 Video Making for YouTube
    How to make videos

    Module 6: Level -1 Email Marketing
    Content Writing
    Email Machine
    The Strategy Email Frequency
    Why People Don’t Buy The Fuel
    Re-Engagement Email Example – Buyer vs Consumer

    Module 6: Level -2 Email Marketing Advance Level
    Email Software and Tools
    Email Campaigns

    Module 7: Marketing Automation

    Module 8 E-commerce and Payment Gateway

    Module 9 : Re-Marketing Strategies
    Re-Marketing Flow
    Email Re-Marketing Strategy
    Segmentation Re-Marketing Strategy
    Facebook Re-Marketing
    Google Adwords Re-Marketing

    Module 10: LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest!

    Module 11: Google Analytics and Webmaster Tool

    Module 12: Search Engine Optimization
    Understanding SEO
    SEO Keyword Planning
    Meta Tags and Meta Description
    Website Content Optimization
    Back Link Strategies
    Internal and External Links
    Optimizing Site Structure
    Keywords in Blog and Articles
    On Page SEO
    Off Page SEO
    Local SEO
    Mobile SEO
    eCommerce SEO
    Optimizing with Google Algorithms
    Using the WebMaster Tool
    Measuring SEO Effectiveness

    Module 13: Affiliate Marketing and AdSense
    Understanding Affiliate Marketing
    Sources to Make Money Online
    Selecting Affiliate Program
    Google AdSense Account

    Module 14: Case Studies and Practical Assignments
    Digital Marketing Strategies for you.

    Module 15: Final Examination

    Total Cost 144 Hours
    € 950 | Early Bird till 15 May 2019
    € 850 by Credit or Debit/Prepaid Card
    € 1.600 | Booking
    € 700 KEAK Member’s

    Academic Director: Dr. Gerasimos Tzamarelos
    Team & Speaker's Program in number: 8 | Meet them Here...

    Registration Required.

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    Λεωφ. Ελ. Βενιζέλου 104, Καλλιθέα 176 76, Ελλάδα

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