• Data Analysis Using Excel PivotTables

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  • προσθήκη στα ♥ αγαπημένα

    Σε ποιούς απευθύνεται;

    This course is designed for people who want to take their current Excel skills to the next level. This course also referred to people who are familiar with PivotTables and interested in becoming experts through our advanced topics.

    Ποιος είναι ο στόχος του σεμιναρίου;

    Pivot tables are a Most Powerful feature in Excel that enable you to summarize, analyze, explore, and present your data, just a few clicks. Excel Pivot Tables PivotTables are highly flexible and can be quickly adjusted depending on how you need to display your results. You can also create Pivot Charts based on PivotTables that will automatically update when your PivotTables do.

    Θεματικές ενότητες

    Understanding the Benefits of Pivot Tables

    • What is a Pivot Table ?
    • Uses and Examples of PivotTables
    • Main Data Format Categories
    • Preparing Source Data for Pivot Table

    Creating Pivot Table and Working with Source Data

    • Creating a Pivot Table using Source Data
    • Creating a PivotTable using an External Data Connections
    • Field & Area Section
    • Using a Report Filter
    • Drilling down for Details
    • Defer Layout Update
    • Changing Data Source
    • Refreshing Worksheet & External Data
    • Moving PivotTables

    Designing the Layout and Format of a PivotTable Report

    • Changing the PivotTable Report Format Style
    • Grand Totals & Subtotals Layout
    • Report Layout & Blank Row
    • Classic pivot Layout
    • Expand & Collapse Buttons
    • Move & Remove Fields
    • Show / hide Field & Headers
    • Number Formatting
    • Field Name Formatting
    • Pivot Table Options
    • Filtered PivotTable Data on Separate Worksheets

    Summarizing your Data with Totals & Formulas

    • Summarizing Values by using different functions
    • Showing Values as Percentages
    • Showing Differences (year on year, month on month)
    • Showing a Running total / Rank and Index
    • Creating Multiply Subtotals
    • Creating a Calculated Field & Calculated Items
    • Creating a List of Pivot Table Formulas

    Grouping your Data in Pivot Table

    • Grouping by Date /Month/Quarters /Years/Half Years
    • Grouping by Sales Ranges /Text Field
    • Grouping by a Custom Date
    • Grouping Two-Pivot Tables

    Organizing and Analyzing your Data Sort Using Custom List

    • Sort Using Custom List A
    • Sort Row from A-Z and Sales from Z-A
    • Sort Largest to Smallest Grand Totals
    • Filter by Report Filter
    • Filter by Multiple Fields
    • Filter by Multiple Values
    • Conditional Formatting

    Working With Slicers and Pivot Charts

    • Insert a Slicer
    • Slicer Styles and Settings
    • Slicer Customization
    • Slicer Connections
    • Adding Sparkline to a Pivot Table Column
    • Insert Pivot Charts
    • Pivot Chart Design, Layout, and Format
    • Pivot Chart Customization
    • Saving a PivotChart Template
    • Pivot Charts and PowerPoint Connection

    Managing your Source Data

    • Consolidate Multiple Worksheets
    • Pivot Cache Explanation
    • Ways to Reduced File Memory
    • Sharing Pivot Table via One Drive

    Performing Powerful Data Analysis and Data Modeling

    • Pivot Table vs Power Pivot
    • Power Pivot Utilities
    • Creating a Data Model
    • Creating Relationships between Tables
    • Creating a PowerPivot Pivot Table.
    • Creating Dashboards

    Creating Reports with Excel GetPivotData Function

    • GetPivotData Function Introduction
    • Using GetPivotData for Custom Reports
    • Creating Drop Down List with GetPivotData to Filter
    • Getting Totals from Specific Pivot Table with GetPivotData

    Automating Pivot Tables with Macros and VBA

    • Introducing Macro and VBA
    • Recording Simple Macro to Refresh a Pivot Table
    • Using VBA to Refresh your Pivot Table
    • Using Macro buttons to Interactive your Results


    • Frequent PivotTable Questions and Answers
    • Solutions to Common Problems

    (Optional) Financial Reporting using Pivot Tables

    • Reports for Sales Managers
    • Scenario Summary Report
    • Calculating Invoice Aging
    • Profit and Loss Statements
    • Sales Forecasting Report
    • Frequency Distribution Table

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